How to save and use TravelPoints?

Save TravelPoints


The user can see the proper HP value in each result list hoovering the "Select this hotel" button. This value will be registered to the user creating the booking after finishing that. These booked items will be listed on the TravelPoint page's "Pending bookings" list. These points are registered although cannot be used for purchase in this status.


The user will receive live TravelPoints at the moment when the pending booking is switched to paid status by the Tour Operator. It means that the payment by passenger to Travel Agency will not change the pending TravelPoints to live. It will be turned to live when the booking is paid to the Tour Operator. From this moment the TravelPoint received by the user will be listed among the Registered TravelPoints.


Cancellation of the booking will result in the loss of TravelPoints. Both the pending or the registered TravelPoints received after the certain booking will be deducted from the user’s balance. If the user's balance would go to negative after this deduction then the debit must be paid in the currency used for payment between the Tour Operator and the Agency. The Agency takes responsibility for these payments and accepts that the Tour Operator can deduct this amount from the refund after the cancellation. The exchange rate in these cases is the same that is used in the booking’s payment process by TravelPoint.

Use TravelPoint

Activate the TravelPoint account

In order to use the TravelPoints for purchasing travel products in the system the user has to activate his/her TravelPoint account. In order to do that the balance has to reach at least the minimum limit which is set up by the Tour Operator. This amount is visible on the TravelPoint page of the user. After having the proper balance, the user has to accept the terms and conditions of the TravelPoint account. This is the way to activate the account and to use it for buying travel products.

Book and pay

Users having an active TravelPoint account can purchase the selected travel product by TravelPoints. These type of users will see the actual price of the product in TravelPoint also. They can select the TravelPoint account as a payment mode. The proper amount will be deducted from the TravelPoint account and the rest of the booking process is exactly the same as in case of any other mode of payment.


Cancellation can be done in case of TravelPoint paid bookings also. The refund of the proper amount will be transferred in TravelPoints, the certain amount will be added to the TravelPoint account of the user.