Our Features




Our internet booking engine with the richest travel inventory and ExtraNet is a global travel solution for all kinds of travel agents. Being flight aggregator and hotel aggregator in one gives us an opportunity to offer you the best rates and best conditions to strengthen your position on the market. No matter what type of cooperation you choose to work with World Travel Club engine, you will get the Back Office at your disposal to control all your bookings and settings. It is very easy to set up your markup, currency and its rate, payment gateways and other settings. Among the functions available are:


  • Office data
  • Users & clients
  • Documents
  • Buyer groups
  • Content
  • System settings
  • Currency settings
  • User access levels
  • B2B settings
  • Offices
  • New agency registrations
  • TravelPoint setup
  • Finance
  • Pricing
  • Invoices
  • Financial report
  • HUB settings
  • Supplier connections                                
  • Supplier settings
  • Payment gateways
  • Supplier parameters
  • Office parameters
  • CRM & VIP Users
  • Business Analytics





When it comes to your clients, you can choose any currency and payment gateway you want. You also can divide your buyers into separate groups and determine different currency, payment gateway, and pricing for each buyer group. Cooperation with World Travel Club is only in EUR and you can choose one of the following payment gateways to pay for your bookings:


  •  Deposit line (You transfer as much as you need to cover all the payments for your bookings.)
  •  Bank transfer (You can pay for the booking via bank transfer. Please note that it may take 2-3 days.)
  •  Credit card (Instant payment for the refundable bookings). 



Our Business Analytics and Financial Report show you the sale and searching statistics in any way preferred. Use actual graphics and diagrams to check which service was booked, issued or searched according to time, country or city. Moreover, you can view the payment gateway that was chosen the most, the amount of bookings and many other options. You can create your own charts and diagrams based on any parameters you would to analyze.







You have your own simple and at the same time very informative booking list with all required information about your reservations – when the reservation was made, who made it, which service was booked, tourist names, hotel name or flight info, price information, booking and payment status. Filters help you to find your reservation faster. Find your reservation through booking reference, date of the booking or travel date, passenger name or even cancellation deadline. Tick any buyer group, service type, bookings status, payment method or payment status to find the reservation which matches your filter parameters. By entering any reservation, you can print vouchers, resend them, leave comments, check detailed prices, write a messages to our 24/7 call center in case you need any support with the booking or you can even cancel the booking yourself before the deadline. Log files show you who worked with each reservation and what was done.